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Genuine, High Quality, Branded and Easy-to-Fit Snow Chains

Snow Chains Outlet offers a full range of snow chains to suit all vehicles.

Our affordable range of snow chains are perfect for making your driving during winter trouble free. All our snow chain products meet all legal requirements of European nations.

Our premium range of snow chains are more hardwearing, are made from flexible thick galvanised steel cable. The snow chains are easy to fit and are plasticized to protect your car / vans wheels from any potential damage.

All the snow chains are sold in pairs and required to be fitted to the driving wheels. In some cases, people do fit them to the non-driving wheels, which certainly improve all round stability of the vehicle while driving, but is not required. In the case of allwheel drive / 4x4 vehicles it is recommended that two sets are purchased, one for each set of driving wheels.

In general, traction control and anti-skid systems should be turned off while using tyre traction devices.

Legality of Snow Chains in UK

The use of snow chains is legal in the UK, provided that they are not used in such a manner that will damage the road surface. Using snow chains is officially permitted across most of the European nations, and in many localities they are compulsory at certain times of the year. For more information about the legality of snow chains in Europe click the link or contact the snow sports / ski resort you are visiting for information.

Snow Chains Outlet offers genuine, high quality and branded snow chains from manufacturers like Husky, Carpoint, Thule, Multigrip and Iceberg at very affordable prices. Browse the category for the best pair of snow chains for your vehicle.