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It would be a great surprise to find somebody who doesn’t know what an Ice Scrapper is all about! An ice scraper is a handheld tool for removing frost, ice, and snow from windows, usually on automobiles. In general, an ice scraper has a plastic blade and handle, though in some cases it has blades made out of metal. Some ice scrapper models often include brushes to help remove collected snow, or squeegees to remove water if the surrounding temperature is near the melting point. On the other hand, the handle can be inside a glove-like enclosure so that the user can keep hands warm and dry while using the ice scraper.

The blade of an ice scraper is usually flat if it is made out either of metal, wood or plastic though some varieties include ridges that help breaking up a sheet of ice. Plastic blades tend to have a more complex shape with several thick "fingers" linked together. This type of ice scraper helps the blade to flex, since most modern vehicle windows have a slight curvature. The "fingers" also often have ridges on top, so the scraper can be flipped over to break up thick ice. Snow Chains Outlet brings you exclusive range of ice scrapers available at an affordable price.